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Wire Buying guide

Buyers frequently message me regarding the type of wire that is appropriate for each application. Here is a short overview.

For ear wires, look for half hard 20 gauge wire.  Silver, brass, bronze or copper are appropriate.  Do not use plated wires for this purpose, as they are generally too soft and the plating may wear off with the working of the wire.  You will need about 2 inches for each wire.
For briolette wraps I like 24 gauge dead soft.  Again all wires are  fine to use and in this case the plated wires are perfect.  You will need about 8 inches per wrap.
For clasps, large connectors and rings I like 14, 16 or 18 gauge depending on the style.  Whether you use half hard or dead soft will depend on the style.  If you need to do a wrap or something more intricate, I would go with dead soft.  If the style will need strength on it's own, use half hard.
Bead wraps depend on the size of the bead, but in general, 22 to 24 gauge is appropriate in a dead soft temper.
Bangle bracelets are usually done in 16 gauge half hard.  My copper core silver filled is 1/4 hard and works well for this application
Always use half hard to make jump rings.  Soft will not hold up.


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